Go Green and keep Going Green.

The importance of “Going Green” is talked about and trending all around the world. We live on a planet that cannot sustain the day to day choices we make regarding engine idling, vehicle usage, air quality being full of toxins, garbage “waste” being buried not recycled or composted, our drinking water being contaminated, even the products we bring into our home that have unregulated toxins for us to smear our family members with. Our homes are more polluted than right outside our doors.

I started a mission with my family, a few years ago, to be Going Green in all areas of our lives. Of course, I’m not perfect, so it’s not perfected as of yet, but our hopes and dreams of living on a better planet tomorrow, than it is today, are always in the works. Every little step makes a difference.

It’s been almost a year since I started to purchase and sell OnlyGreen (no longer in business since June 2012). I was a label lover, reading and researching products ingredients. Finding alternatives to the toxins that were coming into my home. Then, in December 2009, I finally found one company who’s products and ingredients were exceptional to any other I had found on retail shelves and they’ve already done all the research. The bonuses being that, from the comfort of my own home, I could place an order for all my Green living products, it arrives on my doorstep, plus, I make money referring the products and doing home parties. Going Green at home & having a Green job has turned into saving Green and making Green! I also do green consulting right over the phone for anyone looking for green tips and help companies looking to go green as well.

There are some really good promos for Green Gift Giving Ideas this Holiday Season. Green cleaners that are non toxic, green pet products, and green body products. Eco friendly, environmentally friendly, green gifts are very trendy! Our popular product picks right now is our Opal mineral make up with organic ingredients: foundation, eye colors, lip stick, lip gloss, and mascara too. Our mineral makeup and Vada line of products are all Paraben Free too.

My kids are home from school now, so off I go to make dinner. Take care everyone. Have a Green day!


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