Earth Hour Plans for my Family! What’s yours?

Since I love our planet, family, friends, & earthlings so much, I’m taking this challenge to the extreme, 2nd year in a row!!! By myself, I amount to Nothing but TOGETHER we are one! We don’t do it just for one hour, but the full 24, and since I practice Saving Energy & the Environment all the time anyway, my goals for the day will be just a little more drastic than usual.

So all day we will:
-turn off all lights (candles in the evening)
-stay home (no driving anywhere) playing board games with the family, taking walks outside, and reading
-turn the thermostat down to 15C (brr, even the thought chills me, I hope it’s going to be a warm day!)
-keep the fridge plugged in but unplug all outlets in the house because even if something is turned off, it still draws more than 50% power
…, I’ll unplug the stove (because I’m going to create a menu that doesn’t require cooking), coffee pot (none for the day, we can do it!), microwave, TV, VCR, PS3, Computer, clocks (I have a battery-powered one anyway), washer & dryer (no laundry that day), even my phones (though I have a corded one now that won’t use any electricity so I can call all of you and remind you, lol)!

The right choices in life are not always the easiest to make, lol, but this drastic sacrifice of a few simple pleasures for only one day seems like the perfect opportunity to us.
I will continue Saving Earth and humanity, everyday in every way possible…for my children, grandchildren and everyone else’s!!!

Thanks to everyone for participating in taking the baby steps that will carry us to the future we create together! Click here to sign up and show your support Here’s another link on how to make Earth Hour every hour, enjoy!

OMG, that’s going to be an exciting day! If anyone can think of anything to add to my list, or any other suggestions, please email me, I will add it to the comment section below and most likely do it!

Thanks and have a Green Day!!! Pam.

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2 responses to “Earth Hour Plans for my Family! What’s yours?

  1. Wow! What a story. Great looking website Pamela

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