10 Reasons Why Going Organic Makes a Difference

“I’d like to draw attention to the concept of the “Butterfly Effect”. Developed by American meteorologist Edward Lorenz, the logic behind the Butterfly Effect states that even small, seemingly unimportant actions nevertheless have tremendous and powerful effects down the line.”

I found this quote in an article that a friend had posted on facebook. It also reminds me to inform you that EVERY purchase YOU make, is a vote. For example: If you don’t mind saving money by purchasing cheap lotion, shampoo, cleaners, etc. then the message you’re actually sending is that you want to save money by purchasing toxic products for your household.

Doesn’t that seems harsh and outlandish? As for the Canadian & American governments, it’s up to consumers to educate themselves about ingredients & what’s in the products they purchase. Only you can protect you & your family. So, when you don’t read labels to make educated purchases, you’re voting and telling the governments that your completely okay with that. Not my theory, it’s a fact.

Anyhow, on with this awesome article that I just had to share. I will give you the bullet points here but you can click to read it all for yourself:

Reason 1. Supporting water, soil and air

Reason 2. Protecting our Health

Reason 3. Developing Cultural Significance

Reason 4. Making Ethical and Moral Decisions

Reason 5. Supporting Natural Science

Reason 6. Supporting Local Farmers & the People’s Interests

Reason 7. Creating A Sense of Community

Reason 8. Eating Better Tasting and Fulfilling Foods

Reason 9. Supporting Sustainable Methods & Mindset

Reason 10. Securing agriculture and the environment for the future

I would just like to add a special “Thank-You” for reading this, sharing my page, making comments below, & taking the time to care about Earthlings & our home, Earth.

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