Ginseng is Best if you Don’t Ingest

Korean-red-ginsengMost people are very familiar with Ginseng in teas, preventative  medicine & pills. Red ginseng is known to be the most bioactive, superior ginseng in the plant Kingdom. In nature, red ginseng saponins appear to act as antibiotics that protect plants from microbes. In humans, they might fight cancer and infection. The many benefits of this root have been documented in countless studies that you can simply google.

However, did you know that by taking it orally &  ingesting it, actually causes some of the key components of this herb to be partially destroyed in the digestive tract? That makes topical, transdermal application, a far superior way to get the most benefits from Ginseng. Applying it to your body’s largest organ, your skin, it gets delivered straight into your blood then around your entire body.

Here’s a copy/paste of a recent email that I’ve been given by my FG Xpress team!

What’s up with Power Strips?Xpress ProductPic

Power Strips are working not only for pain of all types, but as a Total Health patch. The results we are receiving daily are far more than just pain relief, more energy, better mood, general well-being, sore throat disappearing, headaches gone!

Power Strip Highlights The technological development includes the following:

 1. Transdermal Infusion (via the skin), water-soluble, adhesive delivery: through the skin to everywhere in the body, regardless of location placed. More effective and safer than oral delivery of nutrients.

2. Red Korean Ginseng – active component Saponin

3. Germanium – refocus the body’s electromagnetic energy waves with far inferred energy for healing in general and almost instant pain relief.

4. Marine Phtyoplankton (microscopic, whole food nutrition) and proprietary blend of minerals with superior transdermal (through the skin) total body infusion method.

5. Silver Ions – Ionic silver is recognized for its broad-spectrum antimicrobial qualities and is a powerful tissue-healing agent.

Watch these videos of Dr. Adam Saucedo speaking about Power Strips

Dr. Adam – Video 1 – Korean Red Ginseng and Saponins

Dr. Adam – Video 2 – Supporting Brain Function

Dr. Adam – Video 3 – Germanium and Far Inferred

People are reporting the below benefits:

• restful sleep

• better energy and great mood

• a sense of peace and wellbeing

• almost instant pain relief

• reduced inflammation

• decrease tension and stress

• stabilized blood sugar, less cravings for sweets

• immune system boost

• increased strength

Click here to see the Power Strips Brochure


 How do you get Power Strips, Cost and Availability? Xpress Global Pic

1. Power strips come in packs of 15. A month supply is 2 packs. They are to be worn daily and replaced every 24 to 48 hours. Place on a large muscle are of the body. Do not get wet!

2. Cost: Each pack is $59.95 with a shipping price of $4.95 anywhere around the world! Get lots and share – I can’t keep up to the demand!

3. World-wide business: Your $12 membership, (FEE  is waived for new joining members until February 11th!) comes with a multi-language website, back office filled with marketing supplies, plus additional training tools to help you excel and earn income with your FGX business!

Order OnlineOrder Now by clicking here to go to the website that’s loaded with video’s, more info, & to read what others are saying about this product.

If you would like to try just one, contact me and I can get one in the mail for you. Blessings and have a Green day =)

Pam. Click here to Email Me or P: 780-774-2530 SN:

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