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Coconut Oil & Jojoba Oil Deep Conditioner

Can you see the difference, other than the sunlight? lol. So much shinier, curlier, and easier to brush! So easy to make too.

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Essential Oils Basics!

I wish I would have read a blog like this years ago. I had no idea of the powers behind essential oils, how to use them, or what they were event used for, aside from aromatherapy. Marni Gallerneault has written a very informative post about Essential Oils Basics and she has graciously allowed me to share it with you all.

     Marni is a stay-at-home mom, she feeds her family Paleo-style, she writes a fantastic blog called Well Grounded Hopes, and she is also a newbie to the ForeverGreen Family.  Check her out, and enjoy the fabulous post that she put together for us!

Essential Oils Basics

by Mani Gallerneault, Well Grounded Hopes

I am so fascinated by the wide range of health benefits that essential oils offer us. The health benefits include supporting the immune system; fighting off bacteria, viruses, and infection; providing a way to detox your system; balancing your hormones; improving circulation; bringing mental clarity; providing pain relief; lessening depression symptoms; providing stress relief; and bringing digestive relief from things like gas and parasites. Because of the wide range of oils and their benefits, it can be very overwhelming to start learning how to use them. So many resources make it very complicated, even those that claim their guide is for beginners, and I get lost quickly. It would be a shame to miss out on the beauty and rejuvenation of essential oils simply because we couldn’t get through all the muddle. There is not enough room here to talk about each specific oil, and I actually avoid doing so on purpose so as to try to keep this as simple as can be. Here I attempt to cut it all down to the bare basics of what’s important, as much for you as for myself!

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Health, Kindness, Opportunity.


Hemp, essential oils, and marine phytoplankton, are what attracted me to this amazing company. They offer the best-of-the-best in clean, chemical-free personal care products for you and your family too. The passion we share for Going Green & Healthy Living are what make me excited for the future. Doing around 2 million dollars worth of business each and every month with 100,000 distributors in over 40 countries, I can’t wait to share this with you all!!!

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ForeverGreen is a home. It’s my new home since OnlyGreen had to close their doors.  FG & OG were similar yet different companies.  We have been so thankful  to find another Environmentally friendly company and all the EcoAdvisors that have joined so far, are loving the products!

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Not all Essential Oils Are Created Equal

Here is some info that speaks clearly and specifically to the question we get so much these days . . . how do TRUessence oils compare to brandB oils, or brandY oils, or brandD oils? Why is it that not all essential oils are created equal?

We are crystal clear about the 9 distinctions between TRUessence and other brands – – why TRUessence is energetically and therapeutically distinct and offers MORE to every user.

PLEASE NOTE: You will want to SAVE the accompanying handout, so that you 
can share it with people you talk to from other companies or consumers who have questions about other brands of oils. 

To listen to this 48 minute call that will explain why not all essential oils are created equal, click here: http://www.byoaudio.com/play/WJ5R4bkr 

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