Fragrance Oils vs Essential Oils in Products

The main issue with synthetic fragrances is the mystery behind what exactly they are. The synthetic fragrances used in cosmetics can have as many as 200 ingredients. There is no way to know what the chemicals are, since on the label it will simply read “fragrance.” Some problems caused by these chemicals include headaches, dizziness, rash, hyperpigmentation, violent coughing, vomiting, skin irritation, etc.

Although these fragrances are usually only added in very small amounts, when used in personal care products, they are applied directly to the consumer’s skin.

“Fragrance is considered a trade secret, so companies don’t have to tell us what’s in it – often dozens or even hundreds of synthetic chemical compounds. Almost half the products in Skin Deep contain the generic term “fragrance,” from shampoos and deodorants to lotions and shaving creams. Even “unscented” products may contain masking fragrances, which are chemicals used to cover up the odor of other chemicals.” (

Choose personal care items that are scented using pure extracts and essential oils like all of the ForeveGreen House & Home products as well as a complete line of over 100 pure and blended TRUessence essential oils.

Have a Green day, Everyday!

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5 responses to “Fragrance Oils vs Essential Oils in Products

  1. A good number of homes keep aromatherapy lotions, creams and oils stored for their useful, beneficial and versatile purpose. If you prefer something organic and home-made, a number of sites have also been set up to provide information on creating home-made lotions and creams, making use of an oil base like jojoba, olive and even the most popular in the tropics, virgin coconut oil. These base oils have very little fragrance of their own and so do not mask the scent of your preferred essential oil.

  2. Aromatherapy products are very popular. They’re employed for their healing powers, both physically and mentally. Aromatherapy items are believed to assist relieve medical ailments including arthritis and asthma. These goods are commonly utilized for mental nicely being at the same time including relieving tension and curing migraine headaches.

  3. Some goods already contained in one’s residence may already have the crucial oils which are employed in aromatherapy. Look at products utilized within the bath or shower, your baby’s care goods, products for laundry, candles, air diffusers or fresheners, perfumes, oil burners, drawer scented sheets, lotions, massage oils and numerous a lot more. Aromatherapy has turn out to be increasingly well-liked for its scents and its healing powers. It might be surprising just how several goods that you simply own in fact contain aromatherapy qualities.

  4. Aromatherapy oil burners can be tiny and take one candle whilst others are usually bigger and take an quantity of candles. Other varieties of aromatherapy oil burners are lamp rings, lover diffusers, electrical warmth diffusers and nebulizers. They alter in price, efficiency and size but all execute the exact same fundamental role.

  5. Later on in the course of the period of my pregnancy, I learned from an advocate of aromatherapy, that continued use of lavender aromatherapy oil and/or lotion helps ease delivery pain and promotes quicker recovery. It was also a great disinfectant and antiseptic that significantly helped keeping infections at bay.

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